International Year of Chemistry, 2011

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

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International Year of Chemistry 2011


Guidelines for recognition of IYC 2011 activities and use of the logo

The official name of this celebration is the International Year of Chemistry, abbreviated IYC 2011.

The official slogan of the IYC 2011 is "Chemistry—our life, our future".

The official logo of the IYC 2011 is available from this page in several formats.

We encourage widespread use of the IYC 2011 logo by individuals and groups who organize or support IYC 2011 activities. An IYC 2011 “activity” is here understood to be an event, exhibit, performance, commercial or promotional product, print or electronic publication, or other creation intended to advance the aims of the IYC 2011 as described in the IYC prospectus.

In order to use the logo you need to provide contact information and a brief description of your IYC 2011 activity/product, including the URL of your IYC-related website, if applicable, as well as the time and place of related events. You can do this by submitting your activity online in the Activities section.

If you use the IYC2011 logo on a website or in any other electronic publication that supports hyperlinks, you should link to Also make sure to include your website address in the description of your activity.

The IYC 2011 logos must not be modified. Please contact us if you plan to produce a version of the logo with the text translated into another language.

The IYC Management Committee reserves the right to revoke the use of the logo by any individual or group at any time for any reason, and you agree to promptly comply with any such revocation.

All IYC 2011 National Nodes and other organizers and supporters of IYC 2011 activities are encouraged to show the IYC 2011 logo on their web pages and on any printed or electronic materials produced to support the IYC 2011.

The use of the UNESCO|IUPAC logo shall be used only with explicit permission of UNESCO and IUPAC in writing and only for the event or events covered by that permission.

Logo – Download Options
  • Archive file (zip) including versions spelling out ‘International Year of Chemistry 2011
    logo int year
    ZIP Archive (All formats) [1.47 MB]

Tips on what format is best for you

1. x_CMYK.eps > CMYK vector format: good for process (full color offset) printing.
2. x_CMYK.tif > CMYK bitmap format: good for process (full color offset) printing (don’t resize)
3. x_Pantone_C.bmp > RGB bitmap format: good for digital uses in application like Word, Excel, etc..
4. x_Pantone_C.eps > RGB vector format: good for non-process printing.
5. x_Pantone_C.jpg > RGB bitmap format: good for digital uses in many applications and on the web
6. x_Pantone_C.png > RGB bitmap format with transparent background: good for digital uses in many applications and on the web
7. x_Pantone_C.tif > RGB bitmap format: good for digital and print uses (in its current size)
8. x_Grayscale.eps > Grayscale vector format: good for grayscale (one color) printing
9. x_Grayscale.tif > Grayscale bitmap format
note: EPS is the ONLY kind of file you can resize/enlarge without loosing quality!

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