International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Sharing what you plan to do for IYC 2011 is the essence of this section. Here, you are able to submit and share an idea, and record the details of the activity that you plan to host in 2011. To be eligible, an IYC activity and event must address at least one of the year’s objectives, which are as follows:

  • Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry in meeting world needs
  • Encourage the interest of young people in chemistry
  • Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
  • Celebrate the role of women in chemistry or major historical events in chemistry, including the centenaries of Mme. Curie’s Nobel Prize and the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies

For more details, see the IYC Prospectus

Typical events or activities could be at the local, state, regional, or national level, and might include:

  • Treating all levels of students, from preschool children to university students, to chemistry demonstrations at appropriate levels
  • Organizing visits for members of the public to industrial sites, including manufacturers, chemical producers, or metal and petroleum refiners
  • Publicizing the contributions that chemistry makes to the global economy by submitting articles to newspapers and magazines or developing television and radio programs
  • Sponsoring poster exhibitions highlighting the usefulness and wonder of chemistry
  • Organizing problem-solving projects through which students can use their knowledge of chemistry to develop solutions to local problems
  • Publicizing the contributions that chemistry has made to improve lives, particularly recent developments in chemical research
  • Holding career fairs at schools at which professionals show how they use chemistry in their jobs.
  • Organizing hands-on activities and demonstrations to help participants gain an understanding of what it would be like to work in a chemistry-related field
  • Interacting with government leaders to underscore the importance of a strong chemical enterprise

Visit the Ideas section to find out what people are thinking about, or browse the Activities section to see what people are actually planning. So, go ahead and join the online conversation . . .