International Year of Chemistry, 2011

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

Featured Ideas

  • sunflower stamp square Stamps Anyone?
    Get Creative with Chemistry! The Global Stamp Competition encourages students the world over to design a stamp that reflects on "Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise," showing the impact of chemistry on culture and/or every day life in their country. Read more
  • Clinical Chemistry - square Clinical Chemistry
    The international journal Clinical Chemistry is celebrating the International Year of Chemistry with a plethora of multimedia offerings exploring different aspects of the profession. Paintings, poems, podcasts, and more will be featured on the journal’s website in addition to articles by inspiring scientists and award-winning writers. Read more
  • climate change -sq Climate Change
    Understanding and responding to global climate change is one of the defining challenges of the 21st Century. With this online resource, learn how the chemistry profession and educators play a crucial role in creating understanding about global climate change and working toward solutions. Read more
  • chemistry calendar - sq front Chemistry Calendar
    What is the greenhouse effect? What is Gore-Tex? How are of colors made? Explore these questions and more, through the Chemistry Calendar Read more
  • Bolivia front sq La Ruta del Sal
    impossible2Possible(i2P) encourages youth to reach beyond their perceived limits, using adventure as a medium to educate and inspire... Read more
  • Chem NOW front sq Chemistry NOW
    Weekly bundles of original and archival videos and multimedia on the presence and function of chemistry in everyday life and in the world around us ... Read more
  • Chem Matters_small Chemistry Matters
    Watch Nobel Laureates discuss the beauty and adventure of chemistry Read more
  • small PAC cover Inspiring Issues
    IUPAC kicks off the International Year of Chemistry with special issues of the magazine Chemistry International and the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. Read more
  • Uhuru peak small Top of the World
    Let's encourage chemists to use every avenue to celebrate IYC 2011. Read more
  • Marie Curie by Fiami The Lives of ...
    Comics are powerful means for telling a story. Fiami's latest cartoon will take a look at the history of chemistry, through Marie Curie's lives. Read more
  • Writing the world mouse Writing the World
    Annual poetry competition on the secret life of chemicals Read more
  • Polymer A World of Polymers
    A video and essay contest explores “A World without Polymers” in celebration of the IYC 2011 Read more
  • Water - Home Global Experiment
    Water–A Chemical Solution: A Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry is an activity that unites students around the globe to participate in activities that highlight the role that chemistry plays in issues of water quality and purification. Read more
  • Children - Home smaller Chemistry Quiz
    A unique international activity to promote chemistry education Read more
  • Chem13_new_element_pic Periodic Table
    Chemistry students from around the world join together to create an original and imaginative version of the periodic table. Read more
  • Truck_small Chem on Wheels
    A 54-foot-long "chemistry truck" fitted with small laboratories enabled about 60,000 children to conduct hands-on experiments. The truck was one of the highlights of the 2003 Year of Chemistry celebration organized in Germany. Over the year, the truck stopped at 60 towns and spent 107 days at various chemistry-related fairs and exhibitions, as well as schools and universities. Read more
  • II3_hr_Hsin-Wei_Wang_small Draw It
    During the 2006 Year of Chemistry celebration organized in Korea, middle and high school students were invited to participate in a poster contest. The contest encouraged the students to think about the roles and effects of chemicals and chemists. Read more
  • Spain Celebrated a Year of Science Spanish Year
    In 2007, Spain celebrated its Year of Science honoring Mendeleev in many different ways and choosing the Periodic Table, Mendeleev ‘s iconic legacy. This was an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness and promote chemistry. Read more
  • Food DNA Young Ambassadors
    A five-year, five-nation, three-continent project intended to train teachers to help students communicate the benefits of chemistry. One aim of this YAC event is to popularize and raise public awareness of chemistry by encouraging young students to act as ambassadors for chemistry. Read more
  • Microscience small

    Small Scale Chemistry
    This project introduces to teachers, inspectors, and education officials the advantage of performing chemistry experiments on a small scale. Through introductory workshops in developing countries and countries in transition, participants gain hands-on experience under expert guidance. Read more