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Virtual Issues of Platinum Metals Review Sara Coles   |   added on Jan 13, 2011    |    United Kingdom Themed issues of published articles from the archive of Platinum Metals Review celebrating the contributions of chemistry towards making the world a better place will be made available throughout IYC 2011.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, publications Audience: professional chemists, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists

Twitter Fala Química (Talk Chemistry) Edson Minatti   |   added on Jan 11, 2011    |    Brazil A channel of rapid communication to young chemists, students and people interested in Chemistry through the Twitter service. Fala Quimica (which stands for talk Chemistry) is the first channel of Chemistry in Brazil on Twitter. It has more than 1000 followers and has diffused the IYC by its posts since the beggining.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, publications Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, research scientists, secondary school students

Networking Breakfast - Barcelona, Spain Djamila Olivier González   |   added on Jan 11, 2011    |    Spain International Year of Chemistry Celebration and Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) EUROTEC CONFERENCE LAUNCH.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, conferences, networking, seminars, hands-on activities, workshops, publications, website, industrial trade fair Audience: students, research scientists, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators

Pure and Applied Chemistry Recognizes the “Hand of Youth” in Shaping Chemistry Chris Brouwer   |   added on Jan 10, 2011    |    United States The January 2011 issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) features a collection of articles from past winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists, from inception of this annual competition in 2000 up to 2009.
Topic: young investigators, publications, pure and applied chemistry Audience: professors, professional chemists, post graduate students, universities, research scientists

A Special Issue of Chemistry International Magazine Devoted to Marie Curie Chris Brouwer   |   added on Jan 10, 2011    |    United States IUPAC has published a special issue of Chemistry International magazine devoted entirely to Marie Curie. This special 48-page, 12 article issue (Jan-Feb 2011 CI, vol. 33, issue 1) will be distributed widely throughout the year beginning with the Opening Ceremony in Paris on January 27.
Topic: women in chemistry, educational materials, publications Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, industrial chemists, teachers, universities, women chemists, educational institutions, tertiary education, secondary school students