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IYC 2011 (Hong Kong) Official Website Chi yan, stephen Cheung   |   added on Feb 04, 2011    |    Hong Kong Official website at HK with link launched at the end of Jan .You may learn more about IYC and development of the Chemistry discipline in the sub-sections. Visit us often to check out updates of events and resources related to IYC, and of course, share with us your ideas.
Topic: networking, website, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, seminars, educational materials, hands-on activities, chemistry, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry, demonstrations, competition, science fair, publications, references Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, post graduate students, teachers, women chemists, educational institutions, tertiary education, secondary school students, secondary schools, school children, high schools, graduate students, secondary schools students

2011 Marie Curie Lecture Series Melissa Pentecost   |   added on Feb 03, 2011    |    New Zealand Female Chemists from New Zealand reflect on how chemistry improves our lives and society The Marie Curie Lecture Series is a year- long national tour of talks by female New Zealand chemists in honour of Curie‚Äôs Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her ground-breaking studies in radium and polonium.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, seminars Audience: women chemists, general public, professors, professional chemists, research scientists, secondary schools students, high schools, graduate students, industrial chemists, post graduate students

Peter Joyce as Galileo & Newton Jacqui Colgate   |   added on Feb 01, 2011    |    United Kingdom Peter Joyce, professionally trained actor, will be performing his inimitable one man shows portraying the lives of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton for students from The Denes High School and several local feeder schools in Lowestoft
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, educational materials, science fair Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, industrial chemists, universities, school children, graduate students, secondary schools students, tertiary education, post graduate students, teachers, educational institutions, educators

Chemistry in the 21st Century - A workshop for college teachers Arnab Bhattacharya   |   added on Feb 01, 2011    |    India One day workshop on Feb 12, 2011 for high school and college teachers covering frontier areas of chemistry today. Lectures by scientists from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and lab visits.
Topic: chemistry education Audience: teachers, high schools, college students, graduate students

ChemistryViews IYC Video Contest Vera Koester   |   added on Jan 31, 2011    |    Germany You are invited to submit a 3 min video on Chemistry in Everyday Life
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, sustainable and green chemistry, competition, website, biotechnology Audience: students, professional chemists, educators, general public, professors, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, teachers, women chemists, educational institutions, decision makers, tertiary education, secondary school students, school children, high schools, graduate students, secondary schools students