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Commemorative IYC Publication (in Spanish): “Tienes química, tienes vida” Concepció Roca   |   added on Feb 23, 2011    |    Spain Divulgative publication by the Chemistry and Society Forum. It approaches eleven (for 2011) main sectors in which chemistry and the chemical industry play a vital role in human progress and wellbeing.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, publications, references Audience: general public, decision makers, students, educators

Symposium: “Globalizing Education: Graduate School Opportunities in North America & Europe” Jens Breffke   |   added on Feb 18, 2011    |    United States Chemistry Graduate School programs in different countries will be presented by national representatives as well as personal experience stories and representatives from chemical industries will talk about the importance of international experiences. Symposium at the 241st ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Anaheim, CA, USA.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, educational materials, competition, references Audience: students, professors, educators, universities, research scientists, post graduate students, teachers, women chemists, educational institutions

IYC 2011 (Hong Kong) Official Website Chi yan, stephen Cheung   |   added on Feb 04, 2011    |    Hong Kong Official website at HK with link launched at the end of Jan .You may learn more about IYC and development of the Chemistry discipline in the sub-sections. Visit us often to check out updates of events and resources related to IYC, and of course, share with us your ideas.
Topic: networking, website, celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, seminars, educational materials, hands-on activities, chemistry, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry, demonstrations, competition, science fair, publications, references Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, post graduate students, teachers, women chemists, educational institutions, tertiary education, secondary school students, secondary schools, school children, high schools, graduate students, secondary schools students

"Kemija u industriji" and "Chemical and Bichemical Engineering Quarterly" Publications Danko Skare   |   added on Jan 28, 2011    |    Croatia Monthly publishing of journal "Kemija u industriji" (KUI) - included news and information about IYC 2011 Activity; Special issue of KUI devoted to IYC 2011; Quarterly publishing of journal "Chemical and Bichemical Engineering Quarterly" with included news about IYC 2011; Edition Publishing - reference to IYC, Lectures
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, workshops, chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, references Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, post graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions

Blogging Famous Chemists from the Smithsonian Institution's Collections Catherine Shteynberg   |   added on Jan 19, 2011    |    United States From January through March 2011, the Smithsonian Institution Archives will be blogging about images of chemists (both famous and relatively unknown) found in our collections, and posting new images of women scientists to the Flickr Commons.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials, website, blogs, references Audience: educators, students, general public, women chemists, educational institutions, professional chemists