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National Workshop on Natural Product Chemistry and Laboratory Methods Santosh Kumar Gurung   |   added on Feb 24, 2011    |    Nepal Lectures by relevant resource persons about natural product chemistry research area and hands-on experiments in natural product chemistry field.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, seminars, workshops, hands-on activities, demonstrations, analytical chemistry, science fair Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, educators, industrial chemists, research scientists, universities, post graduate students, teachers, secondary school students, secondary schools students

"Chemistry Now" Iris Abraham   |   added on Feb 23, 2011    |    United States Chemistry Now is a series of weekly “content bundles” of original and archival news videos and multi-media content to be distributed on-line to science teachers, and beyond schools into the community. Chemistry Now content will concentrate on revealing and explaining the presence and function of chemistry in everyday life.
Topic: chemistry education, educational materials Audience: general public, professors, educators, teachers, high schools

"Expanding the Frontiers of Chemistry" - Seminar Series at the National University in Heredia, Costa Rica Sergio Madrigal-Carballo   |   added on Feb 23, 2011    |    Costa Rica An academic seminar under the topic "Expanding the frontiers of chemistry" will be held at the School of Chemistry (National University, Costa Rica) celebrating 2011-IYC. Invited speakers from abroad will share their experience in teaching and researching chemistry with local students and academia.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking, conferences, seminars, workshops Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, industrial chemists, post graduate students, universities, research scientists

Spanish Official Opening for the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CHEMISTRY 2011 Concepció Roca   |   added on Feb 23, 2011    |    Spain The celebration is Chaired by Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, Spanish Government First Vice-President. Also participating are Ángel Gabilondo, Government Education Minister and Cristina Garmendia, Government Science and Innovation Minister.
Topic: celebrating chemistry Audience: professors, decision makers, educators, general public

CHEMEX 2011 Trade Fair and Exhibition N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara   |   added on Feb 23, 2011    |    Sri Lanka The Trade Fair and Exhibition was held on 27-30 February 2011 at the Bandaranaike International Memorial Conference Hall, Colombo. IYC 2011 and the CHEMEX 2011 were ceremonially inaugurated by Hon. Prof. Tissa Vitharana Sr. Minister of Scientific Affairs on 27th February 2011.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, educational materials, demonstrations, competition, industrial trade fair Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, industrial chemists, research scientists, universities, post graduate students, teachers, women chemists, educational institutions, decision makers, tertiary education, secondary school students, secondary schools, school children, high schools, secondary schools students