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Translating Food Chemistry to Health Benefits

Activity by Kamila Klimaszewska   |   added on Mar 31, 2011   |   Poland Official_iyc_logo


Euro Food Chem XVI -- 6-8 July 2011, Gdańsk, Poland -- will try to demonstrate how food chemistry combined with modern biotech methods can improve our understanding of food in relation to health. There are also planned special lectures – tribute to Year of Chemistry.

Although there are numerous workshops, conferences and symposia dedicated to different food and nutrition topics, EuroFoodChem conferences remain the major forum that provides an integrated perspective on food research stressing its molecular foundations and are the most important gathering of food chemists. In the view of growing understanding of a pivotal role of the composition of food to human nutrition and both increased risk as well as prevention of major chronic diseases, these meetings with their molecular and biomolecular approaches to food research will surely play an important role in influencing the trends followed by industry and also medical institutions and will demonstrate the central role of chemistry in areas delivering societal benefit.

Across a wide spectrum of topics, EuroFoodChem XVI conference is an ideal forum for discussion and exchange of opinions and knowledge between specialists working in different areas of food science for which food chemistry is relevant. It is worthy to mention such areas as:

  • bioactive food components and chemistry behind their health-promoting action,
  • analytics and monitoring of food components upon processing,
  • biotransformation and bioavailability of food components,
  • design of functional foods based on the knowledge of chemical and biological properties of bioactive ingredients,
  • feedback to food chemistry from “omics” studies.

The conference aim is to exchange the views on recently recognized relations between composition of foods to possible interactions within human organism and resulting health effects. This requires that the food ingredients of interest are looked upon from different angles: chemical properties must be related to absorption, metabolism, triggering biological effects that in turn depend on genome and epigenome function. Specialists from all these fields are expected to join the conference. There are also planned special lectures – Tribute to International Year of Chemistry - Special lectures on Chemists in Different Roles tribute to Year of Chemistry:

  • prof. Carlo Bicchi (University of Torino, Italy), Plants’ chemistry and man and his history - some stories traveling around the world,
  • prof. Hervé This (Industries du Vivant et de l'Environnement AgroParisTech, France), Note by note cooking,
  • prof. Janusz Rachoń (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland), Cuisine, chemistry and music; what they have in common,
  • prof. Wim van Dokkum (TNO Quality of Life, The Netherlands), The relative importance of food chemistry for health.

Topic: chemistry education, conferences, educational materials, workshops, demonstrations Audience: students, professional chemists, educators, post graduate students, educational institutions
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