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Lenses, Outer Space, and Ecology

Activity by Jacob Cox   |   added on Mar 29, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


We will be discussing the role chemistry has in eyeglass lenses, outer space exploration and ecology. As well as chemistry's importance in our gathering of knowledge on earth to the stars.

  It will be a three part talk series on youtube. The taping will take place in Lexington, VA and Craigsville, VA on April 26-29 2011. We will have a conversation with an optician who also worked in an optical lab about the tinting of lenses and the lens material polycarbonate and how chemistry plays a role. Polycarbonate will act as a segue to space chemistry. Polycarbonate uses in astronaut helmets etc.

   The discovery of helium through spectra by Jules Janssen and Norman Lockyer, enhancing the importance of identifying elements in suns and for possible life giving compounds on planets. Helium will act as a segue for the discovery of radium and polonium alpha decay in honor of Madame Curie. The conformation of helium extraction of the uraninite mineral by the geo-chemist Sir William Ramsay will lead to the effect of industrial mineral use on ecology.

 I think that our talk series will disseminate the importance and  presence of chemistry from what people use to see the stars, outer planets and our earth.


Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education Audience: general public, high schools, students, women chemists, research scientists, industrial chemists, professional chemists, professors
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