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Environment Day Talks 11

Activity by Magdalena Recheis   |   added on Mar 29, 2011   |   Austria Official_iyc_logo


On the 7th of June 2011 the "ENVIRONMENT DAY Talks 11" will take place at the Vienna International Centre. The Symposium "ENVIRONMENT DAY Talks" is a cooperative event between "die umweltberatung" and the United Nations Office in Vienna (UNOV).

Is Chemistry enemy or saviour of ecology, is social responsibility obligation or voluntary activity of chemical production? International and national scientists, discussion forums and best practice examples will approach the question of global responsibility as related to society, politics, agriculture and sustainable production.  

The "ENVIRONMENT DAY TALKS 11" will encourage a broad debate about "Green Chemistry" – its achievements and contributions to environment and climate protection as well as its responsibility regarding mankind and the environment. What kind of framework conditions for a sustainable chemical production should and can be provided by politics and administration? Eco-labels and legislation as related to chemicals and sustainable consumption will be addressed. Is ecological and socially compatible production really more expensive? Intelligent production will be a topic.

Location and Date: 7th of June 2011, Vienna International Centre  

Programme outline:          

During the morning four main lectures will give overviews of the topic.  

In the afternoon three moderated discussion forums will take place. The participants will be able to enter into a dialogue with the experts. Subsequent to the discussion forums international best practice examples will be presented.    

Topic: symposium, sustainable and green chemistry Audience:
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