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Biofilms: Friend or Foe?

Activity by Antje Teegler   |   added on Mar 24, 2011   |   Germany Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Researchers & industry representatives from disciplines such as biochemistry, engineering, microbiology, physics, computer science and surface science will meet in order to integrate their contribution and to increase the understanding of biofilm development as well as to explore potential beneficial applications of biofilms.

As biofilms is a very diverse subject – ranging from medical implant development to bioremediation – there is an urgent need to integrate isolated efforts and create a coordinated interdisciplinary network able to address the current challenges in a more effective way. This will be achieved by exchanging knowledge, concepts and work and by enhancing creativity. Such need for stronger cooperation is acknowledged by the recent establishment of well-known biofilms research centres in Europe, and by the number of conferences organised on biofilms. Nevertheless, there are still no fora to bring the relevant scientists together in a more systematic and effective way.

The aim of the Workshop is to strengthen cooperation mainly at European, but also global, level on biofilms research, by increasing the interaction between different disciplines and between industrial partners. This will enable the interested communities to develop a more formalised network able to tackle current and future challenges on Biofilms in an increasingly globalised world. In order to highlight the needs of this sector and attempt to provide answers to a number of key scientific questions, COST will organise a multidisciplinary two-day Exploratory Workshop on ‘Biofilms: friend or foe?’ in June 2010. The objective of this initiative is to identify the needs and potential for a structured COST Action on this topic. The output of the Exploratory Workshop will also provide a valuable series of indicators that stakeholders and policy makers can use in planning ahead for the post-FP7 era.


COST invites PhD students and Early Stage Researchers to submit a poster application to obtain one of up to 10 workshop passes together with a 400 EUR contribution towards their travel expenses.


Topic: workshops, networking, biotechnology, publications Audience: research scientists, industrial chemists, post graduate students, women chemists, decision makers
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