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Molecular Pharmacology & Drug Design

Activity by Sushilee Ranganathan   |   added on Mar 22, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


This is a blog for students and teachers of chemistry, biochemistry,Computer Aided Drug Design, Molecular Modeling, Medicinal Chemistry, and proteomics.


All organisms are made up of molecules! This "chemical perspective" to biology is increasingly being used in drug discovery and design. The molecular approach is being taken to establish disease processes and abnormalities. The study of DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules of humans, plants and microbes have formed the basis of discovery of new drugs and treatment regimens in recent times. The blog intends to summarize, in a simplified way, the theories in use, popular research articles, controversies, breakthroughs, basic concepts, etc. in the fields of life sciences mentioned. Extensive use of diagrams and tutorials and exhaustive cross-referencing have been planned. The blog is currently private, but is intended for public view in about two months' time.

Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, workshops, publications, references Audience: graduate students, post graduate students, professors, professional chemists, high schools
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