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The Global Water Experiment launching to celebrate the World Water Day 2011 in Paraguay

Activity by Norma Caballero   |   added on Mar 21, 2011   |   Paraguay Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Casa Científica S. A., Naciones Unidas, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales

On World Word Day, March 22nd, hundreds pupils in Paraguay, will participate for the launch of the IYC Global Water Experiment. This IYC activity entitled Water: A Chemical Solution, aims to entice pupils from schools around the world to discover, through simple hands-on experience, some aspects of water quality.


As part of the UN World Water Day from 20-22 March 2011 in Paraguay we will launch the IYC Global Water Experiment. Schoolchildren between the ages of 6-17 will participate by doing 1 of the 4 experiments, testing the water quality from an informal settlement and from a natural source of water. These results will be recorded on the Global Water Experiment website. Schoolchildren from San Miguel Arcangel School will be the first Paraguayan children to participate in the global experiment and present their results at the official launch to be held in the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences on 22 March, World Water Day. That day we will have conferences on water issues in Paraguay:
1. Patiño Aquifer pollution on the campus of UNA, by Ana Maria Gadea.

2. Frequency of micronuclei in larval amphibians exposed to contaminants from LakeYpacarai, by  Deidamia Franco.

3. Mathematics clean water, for  Adan Noel Duarte

Topic: chemistry education, conferences, educational materials, demonstrations, celebrating chemistry Audience: students, educators, teachers, educational institutions, secondary school students, school children


Javier Garcia-Martinez | Mar 22, 2011 10:36AM

This is great news, Norma

The Global Experiment is making big waves are all around the Word today.

Please share the pictures, videos and data of your experiments at

the new version of the website in available in three different languages from today !

thanks for your support ot the GE !


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