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CHEMEX - 2011 Exhibtion and Trade Fair Wonders in Chemistry in Sri Lanka

Activity by N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara   |   added on Aug 22, 2010   |   Sri Lanka Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Ministry of Research and Technology, UNESCO, ANCL, Maliban Biscuits , Unilever, ITN , BMICH, College of Chemical Sciences of Institute of Chemistry Ceylon UNESCO

National Exhibition on Chemistry is unique opportunity to promote innovative anf quality products to the general public @ BMICH, COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, 27-30th January 2011 organized by the National Sceretariat (Sri Lanka) IYC 2011.

Sri Lanka  inaugurated the IYC 2011 from 27-30th January 2011 with grand exhibition CHEMEX 2011, at BMICH (venue)  Theme of Exhibition: " Wonders in Chemistry"

Activity:  Chemex 2011

Country:  SriLanka     Place: BMICH - Colombo                  Dates:27-30th January 2011 

Organized by : National Secretariat (Sri Lanka)  IYC 2011, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon "Adamantane House" 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya,  Colombo. Sri Lanka

Contact: N M S Hettigedara Chaiman, IYC 2011 Steering Committee Sri Lanka (Above address)

               E-mail    TEL +94 777376670,




Sri Lanka Celebrates International Year of Chemistry 2011


MSc (Nutrition), C. Chem F.I. Chem (SL),,R.Nutr, R.D. Chartered Chemist

Chairman  Steering Committee,IYC 2011,National Secretariat Sri Lanka


Year 2011 will be a historically important year for science in general and chemistry in particular, in the world as well as in Sri Lanka, with the declaration of International Year of Chemistry (IYC- 2011) by the United Nations. The International Year of Chemistry is an opportunity to promote and celebrate advances of chemistry and chemical sciences in all its aspects. In fact, IYC 2011 is an important opportunity that we must fully exploit as it will not come again within most of our life time.

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon as the National Adhering Organization for IYC -2011

The National Adhering Organization for IYC 2011 in Sri Lanka is the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon which is the successor to the Chemical Society of Ceylon (founded in 1941) established in the year 1971 for the general advancement of science and practice of chemistry. The Institute was incorporated by an Act of Parliament No 15 of 1972. It is a learned society catering to chemical sciences as well as professional, qualifying and examining body looking after and responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the profession of chemistry in Sri Lanka. The Secretariat established for this purpose by Institute has organized a series of events with a view to achieving the objectives and goals of the IYC 2011 with the cooperation of related organizations.

Inauguration of IYC 2011 and the programmes

In keeping with the official opening ceremony at UNESCO headquarters in Paris from January 27th – 28th 2011 Sri Lanka inaugurated the IYC 2011 on 27th January 2011 at Bandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo under the  sponsorship of UNESCO. The IYC 2011 was ceremonially inaugurated by Hon. Tissa Vitharana, the Senior Minister of Scientific Affairs on 27th January 2011.

An Exhibition and Trade Fair, “CHEMEX 2011” was conducted from 27th to 30th January 2011 by the National Secretariat Sri Lanka as part of the IYC activities lined up for 2011 for the celebration of achievements of chemistry and chemical sciences. It was also held at Bandaranayake Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo.  The occasion consisted of three important events namely, Official Inauguration, Exhibition and Trade Fair. The Exhibition and Trade Fair was successfully concluded accruing much benefits, especially to the younger generation of the country.  It has been estimated that a good cross section of the society, around 200,000 people consisting of school children, university students, businessmen, industrialists, academics and the general public from all the three communities have  visited the CHEMEX 2011. Participation of large number of teachers and school children from the Northern and Eastern Parts of the country was of special significance. c

The exhibition was unique in that, it consisted of multifarious activities such as seminars, debates, chemistry magic shows, dramas and chemistry demonstrations, as well as kiddies play, musical programmes, dances and many other entertainments.  Therefore, it was indeed very much more than a mere exhibition. Over 100 exhibition stalls depicted various aspects of chemistry and chemical industrial products. A large number of students congregated around the stalls to see the chemical demonstrations conducted by the College of Chemical Sciences and the principal universities in Sri Lanka. They had opportunity to actively participate in the debates and seminars which were conducted by the academics and professionals in chemistry and chemical sciences and listen to key note addresses and guest speeches delivered by eminent chemists and industrialists in Sri Lanka. The theme of the IYC 2011,  Chemistry our Life Our future  had no doubt deeply penetrated into the minds of younger generation and the general public through the exhibition.

While, it was possible to display various industrial products and services to a broader cross section of society, the Exhibition & Trade Fair contributed much to the achievement of the three major goals of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011) namely,   increase of public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs, increase of interest in chemistry among young people and generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry. Our principle target group, the younger generation and the students as well as teachers were able to accrue maximum benefits. The feedback we received from the general public, industrial sector, academic institutions and students from schools clearly indicates that the exhibition was very fruitful to them and the achievements are considerable and that, they are eagerly looking for such opportunities in future too.

Cancellation of the Commemorative stamp and the First Day Cover

The commemorative postage stamp printed by the Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon was issued on the 30th  of January 2011. The stamp includes the logos of IYC and the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon. IYC -2011 also commemorates the centenary of the award of the Nobel Prize for chemistry to Marie Curie, whose portrait as well as that of Prof. M.U.S. Sultanbawa, one of the most distinguished Chemists of Sri Lanka, are included in the stamp. It also contains the image of Sri Lankan gem - the Blue Sapphire- together with the structure of one of the chemical constituents,  aluminium oxide (Al2O3).

Among the other activities for IYC 2011 it has been planned to conduct essay competitions with the aim of creating better understating of chemistry and its applications among general public and university and school children. Inter university debate competitions and interschool chemistry quiz programmes, art competitions and magic shows involving chemistry will also be held. While Scholarship programmes will be conducted action will also be taken to improve quality of teaching the subject of chemistry. 




Thank You.                          

Topic: conferences, seminars, celebrating chemistry, science fair, industrial trade fair Audience: educational institutions, general public, secondary schools, tertiary education, universities, school children, professional chemists, educators, industrial chemists, decision makers, teachers, women chemists


N.M. Sanjaya Hettigedara | Sep 27, 2010 03:45PM

To suport this activity  and to obtained more publicity ,I have prepared following

1.Stall reservation letter application form , Stall plan

2.Donation form and Advertisement reqest (Fund raising  )

3.Flier ; contains  activity plan for the year  about IYC 2011, short account on application of  chemistry  in day to day life

4 Car Sticker

( Pl  grant permission to use IUPAC Logo of the above meterials )

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