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Chemistry Day in Al Dhafra

Activity by Mahmood Mohsin   |   added on Mar 20, 2011   |   United Arab Emirates Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Chemistry Department/UAE University

Visit to local schools to Increase the student’s appreciation and understanding of chemistry and its role in everyday of our life.

Al  Visit to Al Dhafra Private Schools-Al-Ain, UAE


15 demonstrators came from UAEU to perform many interesting experiments put together by Dr. Mahmood Mohsin and Mr. Hani Abdul Aziz. They started to prepare and set up the pieces of apparatus for around 14 experiments (e.g. preparation of Nylon, demonstration on liquid nitrogen and elephant toothpaste (fun chemistry). Lemon battery, surface tension and colorings, preparation of aspirin (applied chemistry) and  other green chemistry experiments )

  Experiments were categorized into four categories, Green chemistry, fun chemistry, applied chemistry and cosmetics.

Topic: chemistry education, celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, sustainable and green chemistry, demonstrations Audience: students, professional chemists, teachers, women chemists
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