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Spanish Commemorative Coin for the International Year of Chemistry

Activity by Concepció Roca   |   added on Mar 16, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo


In response to a request from the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, member of Foro QUÍMICA y SOCIEDAD, the “Real Casa de la Moneda” minted a new collector coin whose legends and motifs are dedicated to the International Year of Chemistry and the centennial of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Marie Curie.

On its reverse, the coin shows a picture of Marie Curie from the Musée Curie (Coll. ACJC) in Paris. On its left side is the legend Marie Curie and on its right, INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CHEMISTRY. Below is the mint mark, the International Year of Chemistry logo in Spanish, the legend ‘10 EURO’ (the face value of the currency), and some laboratory glassware. On the obverse is the effigy of His Majesty King Don Juan Carlos.
The composition of the coin, whose face value is 10 Euros, silver is 925 mils. The official price of retail in Spain, excluding taxes, is 48 Euros. The circulation is 10,000.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, art Audience: general public
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