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We love Chemistry!

Activity by Aylin Kirişçi   |   added on Mar 15, 2011   |   Turkey Official_iyc_logo


We want to show everybody that "chemistry" is a joy. We will make everybody in our school and district aware of the strength that chemistry has by presenting enjoyable experiments and workshops. We'll create a school board with the documents we've prepared. Besides, we'll share every activities on our school web site.


Our aim is to call attention to the strength of chemistry in the International Year of Chemistry 2011. As class 5-C, we’re very interested in chemistry, we love making experiments and trying to find out new mixtures and compounds.

For example, we have decided to create an “energy drink” for students who complaint of lack of attention and sleeplessness. We know that sugar is the fuel of brain, so the main ingredient of our mixture is sugar. It has got lots of other ingredients, as well. We want to share this experiment with our friends from our school.  We will do this experiment in our school conference hall, and later on post it to our school web site. By this way, everybody will be aware of this activity.

Besides we want to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011 by posters, an International Year of Chemistry 2011 board and PPTs.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, networking, workshops, demonstrations Audience: students, general public, educators, teachers, educational institutions, school children
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