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Chemistry in our Daily Life

Activity by Mauricio Acelas   |   added on Mar 12, 2011   |   Colombia Official_iyc_logo


Interested in learning how chemistry impacts our daily life? In a series of presentations, I will attempt to demonstrate to secondary students in Colombia how the world would be without chemistry and why it is so important for the development of human kind.

As a member of the Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Laboratory at Industrial University of Santander, I plan to guide secondary students at Institución Educativa Provenza in Bucaramanga through a wide list of topics related to daily life including electrochemistry, polymers, medicinal drugs, biochemistry and many others. 

This is a conferences series oriented to secondary students,  teachers and all the people interested in recognizing the importance of chemistry. The results of the conferences will be seen on a science fair coordinated by the students themselves.

The first conference will take place on March the 25th and the others every two weeks for a total of 10 conferences including experimental demonstrations.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, conferences, educational materials, demonstrations, science fair Audience: students, general public, educators, teachers, educational institutions, secondary school students, high schools, secondary schools, secondary schools students
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