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On Medicinal Chemistry - video interviews with the IUPAC-Richter Prize

Activity by Doug Templeton   |   added on Mar 02, 2011   |   International Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC Chemistry and Human Health Division

Sit down and watch the IUPAC-Richter Prize winners talking about their research projects.

Medicinal Chemistry refers to the application of synthetic chemistry to the design of compounds with therapeutic effects, i.e. new drugs as medicines to treat diseases. In celebration of the International Year of Chemistry 2011, the IUPAC Human Health Division and its subcommittee on Medicinal chemistry and Drug Development will arrange a series of informational videos featuring the research of IUPAC-Richter Prize winners. In these videos, the awardees will discuss how they used chemical principles to design important drugs that have greatly benefitted ill people.

The first release features Professor Arun Ghosh, from Purdue University, talking to high school chemistry students about his research in designing enzyme inhibitors for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and AIDS.
> Watch it here “Building Molecules for Today's Medicine(link to vimeo)

Dr. Ghosh received the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize award in recognition of his outstanding use of structure-based design of HIV-1 protease inhibitors using his novel concept of “backbone binding” to withstand drug resistance. This work produced the novel drug darunavir which was approved by the FDA in 2006 as the first treatment for multidrug resistant HIV. He has also pioneered structure- based design of β-secretase inhibitors for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. One such compound has now entered into advanced clinical trials.

 The IUPAC-Richter Prize has been established by a generous gift from the Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter, Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary) to acknowledge the key role that medicinal chemistry plays in improving human health. 


Topic: medicinal chemistry, video, human health Audience: students, graduate students, secondary school students
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