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The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game

Activity by Jim Macdonald   |   added on Mar 02, 2011   |   Canada Official_iyc_logo


The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game is a new game designed to teach middle school and high school students the fundamentals of the periodic table.


From cute little Hydrogen to heroic Meitnerium to mysterious Ununoctium, chemical elements are bonding together, mixing-it-up and raiding each other’s Labs to capture Protons in The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game.

With The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game, every child has fun learning the fundamentals of Chemistry.   Great for science classrooms and entertaining for kids and families, players win by combining chemical elements.  The Rare Earth Game is a laugh-filled, shared experience that engages the intellect and delights the imagination.

Richard Gowan, Head of the Science Department at Rothesay Netherwood School in New Brunswick, Canada, and James MacDonald, a graphic artist and marketing consultant, co-invented this new educational game and tested it successfully in middle school and high school science classrooms.  Both age groups played the game enthusiastically and actively learned from it.

“Not all students are auditory learners. The game provides memorable characters for visual learners and hands-on play for kinetic learners,” says Gowan.    “I have been particularly gratified to hear boys and girls ask questions about game-play that are simultaneously questions about the science of Chemistry.”

The Rare Earth Game not only teaches the periodic table, it also celebrates the heroes of science, because so many chemical elements are named after them, including great heroes of science like Madame Curie (Curium) and Lise Meitner (Meitnerium).

The complete game with instructions comes in a pack of 108 cards (for up to 4 players) and retails for $19.95.  The game includes 57 unique chemical element cartoon cards, 27 duplicate cards (necessary for game play), 11 special Rare Earth chemical element cards and 12 "Energy" cards.  Classroom sets of 6 games (enough for up to 24 players) will be sold for approximately $99.95.  The game does not come with a card for every element of the periodic table, but the chemical element cards that are not included in the basic game are sold separately in an expansion pack.  This is necessary to protect game play (being analogous to the real world, the game provides a lot more Hydrogen cards than Darmstadtium cards).

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