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2nd Annual Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture

Activity by Brian Gibney   |   added on Mar 01, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Brooklyn Subsection of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society & the Polytechnic Institute of New York University

A public lecture on the development of the first artificial leaf by Prof. Daniel G. Nocera of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Brooklyn Subsection of the New York Section of American Chemical Society and The Polytechnic Institute of New York present

The Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture:

Personalized Energy (for 1 x 6 Billion)

Speaker:  Professor Daniel G. Nocera

                Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                Cambridge, NA 02139-4307

The capture and storage of solar energy at the individual level – personalized solar energy – drives inextricably towards the heart of this energy challenge by addressing the triumvirate of secure, carbon neutral and plentiful energy. The doubling of global energy need by mid-century and tripling by 2100 is driven by 3 billion low-energy users in the non-legacy world and by 3 billion people yet to inhabit the planet over the next half century. The possibility of generating terawatts of carbon-free energy, and thus providing society with its most direct path to realizing a low GHG future, may be realized by making solar PE available to the 6 billion new energy users by high throughput manufacturing. This talk will present the creation of new catalysts that capture many of the functional elements of photosynthesis; these catalysts are then integrated to make the first artificial leaf. The discovery sets a new paradigm for the direct production of solar fuels. In doing so, we provide a highly manufacturable and inexpensive method to effect a carbon-neutral and sustainable method for solar storage – solar fuels from water-splitting. By developing an inexpensive 24/7 solar energy system for the individual, a carbon-neutral energy supply for 1 × 6 billion becomes available.


This event is free and open the to public.  Please register at

Date:                          April 14, 2011

Time:                          Reception – 5:30 pm

                                  Lecture – 6:00 pm

Place:                        Pfizer Auditorium

                                 Polytechnic Institute of NYU

                                 5 Metrotech Center

                                 Brooklyn, NY 11201

Topic: sustainable and green chemistry, biotechnology, celebrating chemistry, seminars Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, industrial chemists, women chemists, teachers, post graduate students, universities, research scientists, high schools
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