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Commemorative IYC Publication (in Spanish): “Tienes química, tienes vida”

Activity by Concepció Roca   |   added on Feb 23, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Foro QUÍMICA y SOCIEDAD

Divulgative publication by the Chemistry and Society Forum. It approaches eleven (for 2011) main sectors in which chemistry and the chemical industry play a vital role in human progress and wellbeing.

The eleven chapters of “Tienes química, tienes vida”, all of them mentioning new developments, address the many applications of chemistry in the different fields. Following are some examples:

Chemistry and Health: medicine, medical devices, surgical equipment…
2.- Chemistry and The Food Chain: agrochemicals, fertilizers, preservatives, cryogenic products
3.- Chemistry and Hygiene: clean water, body hygiene products, detergents and disinfectants
4.- Chemistry and Transportation: automobile body and interior, gas, lubricants and additives, safety, insulation, new fuels.
5.- Chemistry and Sports: sports dressing, sports equipment, safety equipment, protective creams,
6.- Chemistry and the Textile industry: synthetic fibers, textile, shoe industry, special equipment, dyes, dry cleaning
7.- Chemistry and Arts and Culture: paper, ebooks, LCD screens, ink, oil and watercolor paints, resins, adhesives, protectors, CD’s, DVD’s, films, photography.
8.- Chemistry and New Technologies: IT equipment, batteries, cables, phones, new devices, communications, oled
9.- Chemistry and our Home: lighting and lamps, paint, varnishes, wallpaper, furniture, mattresses, rugs, kitchen equipment, electric appliances
10.- Chemistry and the Building industry: insulators, frames, profiles, piping, biomaterials, protective coats, acoustic comfort, nonslip surfaces, decks, intelligent composites, sport facilities.
11.- Chemistry and Sustainable Development: renewable energies: solar panels, wind turbines, embedded solar cells paints; anticorrosion paints, biotechnology, nanotechnology

  "Tienes química, tienes vida" was presented on February 8 during the Spanish Opening Ceremony for the IYC. Upon registration, it can be downloaded free of charge at the "Materiales Divulgativos" section of

Topic: celebrating chemistry, publications, references Audience: general public, decision makers, students, educators
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