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Coloquia in Fundamental Chemistry

Activity by Eduardo Barzana   |   added on Feb 22, 2011   |   Mexico Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): School of Chemistry UNAM, Cinvestav-México, UAM, French Universities.

There will be a series of colloquia on diverse aspects of modern, fundamental chemistry, along this 2011, with participants from different mexican universities and from different countries.

During this 2011, The School of Chemistry at UNAM, together with academicians from the Institute of Chemistry at UNAM, Cinvestav-Mexico, UAM, other mexican universities, and with academicians from France, United States, Spain and other countries, will organize four colloquia on fundamental aspects of chemistry.

March 7-8: Molecular Chemistry with applications in materials and catalysis.

August 17-18: Genomics, obesity and diabetes.

September 19-21: Theoretical Chemistry for the XXI century: Where it is now and where it will be.

October  20-21: Molecular Machines.

Details of participants will be given in short time. The events will take place in the School of Chemistry at UNAM and also in the different participating mexican institutions

Topic: conferences, networking, seminars Audience: graduate students, professors, research scientists, universities
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