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National Science Day Celebrations. Lecture on the topic 'Chemistry for Mankind' in Lucknow, India

Activity by Pradeep Srivastava   |   added on Feb 22, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Govt. of UP

National Science Day is observed on February 28 every year in India. On this occasion a scientoon based lecture has been organized for the thousands of children in Lucknow in KKV College, Lucknow, India. In this unique lecture every, information will be given to young minds using a novel class of science cartoons.

I will be delivering lectures to thousands of people including students and other audience telling them about chemistry as what role it is playing in our life. The way of presentation will be a unique concept called Scientoon, a new class of science cartoons developed by me which conveys information about science in a simple, interesting and enjoyable way so that even a common man can understand and enjoy it.
Topic: chemistry for mankind, cartoons Audience: students, professors, educators, research scientists
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