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Writing the World

Activity by Jane Langley   |   added on Jul 23, 2010   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Dorling Kindersley are kindly awarding fabulous books about chemistry as prizes

Writing the World is Cool it Schools annual poetry competition. We have now launched 'Chain Reactions' a brand new theme all about chemistry.

Cool it Schools the global environmental programme for young people, has just opened  Writing the World, the Cool it Schools annual poetry competition.

The theme is 'Chain Reactions' 

Chemistry is the stuff of life. The world we inhabit and the animals, people and plants in it, are all made up from atoms and particles. Worms and clouds are both forms of matter. Storms are caused by chemical reactions. Our senses of taste, touch and smell are dependent on chemical responses.

Write a poem of not more than 14 lines that explores the idea of Chain Reactions. Be imaginative. Think of this as a metaphor, as well as a fact.

You can enter Writing the World now and the poems will be judged in July 2011. Dorling Kindersley have kindly sorted out some fabulous books for prizes.

The winners for the International Year of Biodiversity Writing the World competition can be read in Second Nature, The Natural History Museum's magazine for young members (October 2010 issue)

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