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Activity by Nur┼čen Kalyoncu   |   added on Feb 17, 2011   |   Turkey Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Amasya Science and Art Center, the Directorate of the National Education of Amasya.

We are Amasya Science and Art Center. We will celebrate the chemistry year on 8th March 2011. We will use presentations, short films, to take attentions on 2011World Chemistry Year, to introduce "Water is the life" activity to high school students and teachers.

We are Amasya Science and Art Center. We have students who have superior or special abilities. We will celebrate IYC by organizing a Chemistry day on 8th March 2011 in Amasya Turkey. We will organize this event in a saloon of the directorate of the National Education. Participants will be high school students, and teachers. We will announce the IYC and the activities and during the activity we will prepare presentations about Chemistry. We will show some small films. We would like to take attention on "Water is Life" activity which has been done in many countries. We will introduce IYC web site and want them to produce ideas and activities. We believe that with our activity, most of the schools will be related with Chemistry 2011 year and the activities. We will need your smaill videos and logos during this event. 

Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, demonstrations Audience: high school students, teachers.
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