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Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Activity by Javier Garcia-Martinez   |   added on Feb 13, 2011   |   Puerto Rico Official_iyc_logo


During the 2011 IUPAC Congress, some of the world's leading experts in nanotechnology will gather at a symposium to discuss on the challenges and opportunities in the energy production, storage and use.

The goal of this symposium is to identify opportunities and barriers in the discovery, application and commercialization of nanomaterials for energy production, storage and use of energy.

Some of the leading experts in the area will provide specific examples and a comprehensive state-of-the-art view of the field.

 Some of the topics of the symposium include:

 ·       Nanotechnology for Energy Production

·        Nanotechnology in Dye-Sensitised Photoelectrochemical Devices

·        Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Technologies

·        The Contribution of Nanotechnology to Hydrogen Production and Storage

·        Electrochemical Energy Storage by Nanomaterials

·        Green Nanofabrication

·        Nanocatalysis for Fuel Production

·        NanoCatalysts Towards Biofuel Applications

·        Nanotechnology for Carbon Dioxide Capture

The symposium is designed to be highly interactive with many opportunities for the audience to be involved in a open discussion.

The symposium, that will last half-a-day, will be divided in short presentations and finished by a panel on the theme of the symposium.

This activity is open to anyone and we invite to send an abstracts to:

Topic: conferences, seminars, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: professional chemists, professors, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, post graduate students, decision makers, tertiary education
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