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Workshop: Science and patents: linking university research, intellectual property and knowledge transfer

Activity by Natasa Doslik   |   added on Feb 10, 2011   |   Greece Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): European Patent Office, University of Ioannina,Greek Industrial Property Organisation

The workshop will cover topics including commercialisation of research, patenting, importance of searching prior art, and managing intellectual property, with particular reference to the field of chemistry.

Workshop date: 06.04.2011

Location: Conference Centre of the University of Ioannina, University Campus, 451 10 Ioannina GREECE

Co-organised by the European Patent Office, and the University of Ioannina, and supported by the Greek Industrial Property Organisation.

Content: The workshop will link science, IP and knowledge transfer. The main aim is to explain the essential aspects of patent protection, also with regards to the field of chemistry, and to highlight the particularities arising for universities when taking the results of the research to the market. Providing practical guidance as to how to search for technical information in patents, this workshop will also empower participants to use patent literature for their own research. Success stories and best practice in the use of IP rights, including the exploitation of IP, will be presented by inventors originating from the academic world. The services of the technology transfer office, the entrepreneurship and legal advisers will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange their views with experienced examiners from the European Patent Office and the IP and innovation experts from the University of Ioannina.

Objective: After the seminar participants will be familiar with the various possibilities to protect inventions and how IP adds value to university and its research.

Contact: University of Ioannina, University Campus, 451 10 Ioannina, GREECE
                Tel.: +30-265-100-7278
                Fax +30-265-100-9095

Topic: workshop, chemistry, intellectual property, inventions, patents, technology transfer Audience: professors, students, researchers in university and research centres, tto staff and smes
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