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Science Fair - Mobarat El 'Ouloum- مباراة العلوم

Activity by Rodwan Chouaib   |   added on Feb 07, 2011   |   Lebanon Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): National Association for Science and Research

Mobarat El’Oloum (Science Competition and Fair) is a series of scientific events organized by National Association for Science and Research in Lebanon.

Mobarat El'Ouloum (Science fair) is an event organized by National Association for Science and Research in Lebanon. In 2011, the title of the fair is celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011, so the event concentrate on projects made by students related to this title and prizes will be given to the best projects nominated by a series of professors and educators.

Mobarat 2011 is planned to be more diverse (new domains & categories) and reachable. Future planning is concerned with coordinating the competition among regional countries.

                The National Association for Science and Research organizes 7 Fairs of Mobarat 2011, and expects the participation of more than 185 schools out of 1500 schools invited:

Event's Region (2011)


Number of schools registered

Hadath (Mount Lebanon)

March 17th & 18th 2011


Tripoli (North)

March 25th & 26th 2011


Jeb Jennin (Western Bekaa)

April 1st & 2nd 2011


Tyr (South)

April 8th & 9th 2011


Hermel (Nothern Bekaa)

April 15th & 16th 2011


Nabatieh (South)

April 21th & 22th 2011


Final National Fair

UNESCO Palace - Beirut

April 29th & 30th  2011

Winners from all provinces

Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, workshops, competition, science fair Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, educators, research scientists, teachers, educational institutions, secondary school students, secondary schools, high schools, secondary schools students
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