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Chemistry behind miracles

Activity by Manasij Pal chowdhury   |   added on Feb 06, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo


A science show to students, which will show the truth behind many so-called miracles performed by so-calle saints.

The science deminstration will be done by members of The Science Club of Don Bosco School, Liluah, Howrah in the school campus. The event is planned to be held in November, with the members demonstarting arious chemical tricks. The event will help the purpose of IYC as it will develop the interest of young people in chemistry and will help tp provide a scientific explanation for many so-called miracles performed by 'sadhus'. It will also help tp popularise chemistry.

Topic: demonstrations, hands-on activities Audience: students, high schools, secondary schools students
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