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Activity by Christine Dimirjian   |   added on Feb 05, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Alpha Chi Sigma, Beta Gamma Chapter

Our chapter (Beta Gamma, UCLA) of the National Co-Ed Chemistry Fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, has been involved with numerous activities promoting chemistry in the past years, and will continue this year as well. Our events for this year include community outreach, research lecture series and Undergraduate Research Poster Day.

As a chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, we aim to advance the second object, "To strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession," which is mirrored through the goals of IYC2011. To do so, we will be participating in many on campus events such as P.I.T.A. day in the spring, which is a program organized by UCLA to increase exposure of arts and sciences to underserved elementary school children. We will be putting on a “Magic Show” which will consist of demonstrations such as freezing fruits with liquid Nitrogen, and dissolving Styrofoam cups in acetone, and explaining the chemical processes in a manner in which they can understand and enjoy enough to spark their interest in chemistry.
            This year in an effort to encourage research, we are working on a professor lecture series which will allow undergraduate students to learn about some of the research professors are working on. For undergraduates already part of a lab group, we will be starting an Undergraduate Research Poster Day, in which undergraduates can share the research conducted by their lab group with other undergraduates, graduates, and professors. At the end of the spring quarter, we will be handing out a scholarship to an undergraduate in order for them to conduct research within the Chemistry Department over the summer.
            During our rush weeks, which occur in the spring and fall quarters, we put on a demonstration of freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen and explain to students passing by how it is essential the same process used to make Dippin’ Dots. As in the past years, we will continue to participate in as many additional community events as we can that will allow us to spread our knowledge of chemistry in order to spark the interest of others and allow them to realize the importance of chemistry in our world.

Topic: hands-on activities, demonstrations Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, general public, universities, school children, tertiary education
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