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A Series of Early Chemistry Experiments and Demonstrations for New Science Teachers

Activity by Daniel Menelly   |   added on Feb 04, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


Short videos demonstrating simple chemistry experiments for young science students and new or student science teachers or youth activity leaders. This web content is intended to show interested parties how to cross link polymers, transfer copper ions, decalcify the shell of an egg, etc. safely and cheaply.

IYC2011 presents a good occasion for new teachers of young science students to offer hands-on science experiments and chemical demonstrations. Offered here are a series of short video segments illustrating how to safely and inexpensively conduct elementary and middle level chemistry lessons using common materials. The presenter, a science teacher, coaches the viewer on how to generate and test samples of gases, transfer copper ions in solution, cross-link polymers in glue, decalcify the shell of an egg, extract pigments from plant cells and several other simple experiments involving chemistry. The segments, available for free on the internet and also broadcast to mobile end users on the Apple iPad/iTouch/iPhone networks, include concept notes explaining core concepts, outlining safety precautions and proposing extension questions for teachers looking to construct science lessons based on the video content. New segments will appear monthly, and a blog interface will allow users to contact the producer with questions and comments. Our interest in producing these segments is to encourage teachers to develop hands on chemistry lessons for younger science students, and to help them do it safely and with a clear understanding of the chemistry involved. Thanks for your participation. The videos are part of a larger body of science instructional material, yet those specific to chemistry will bear the IYC2011 logo (pending permission). LINK:

Topic: educational materials, video, demonstrations, science fair, science enrichment Audience: hands-on chemistry, educators, students, hobbyists
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