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PAC Symposium 2011

Activity by Jasper Landman   |   added on Jul 12, 2010   |   Netherlands Official_iyc_logo


Every year, the PAC symposium, a joint initiative of 4 student organisations, is held at one of the Dutch universities, featuring lectures from both foreign and Dutch researchers. This year's symposium, addressing a.o. chemistry students, celebrates the IYC, as well as curiosity, the driving force behind science.

The PAC Symposium is a joint venture between four student associations from chemistry faculties of four universities in the Netherlands. These student associations are USS Proton (Utrecht), CDL (Leiden), ACD and VCSVU (both Amsterdam). The name PAC originates from the first letters of the original three organisators, as the VCSVU joined later.

It is organized by The PAC Foundation, which is a non-profit, student-led, foundation set up to stimulate integration between the four participating universities and to inspire students’ interest in research, symposia and innovation.

This year's symposium will be held at Utrecht University on March the 3rd, 2011, under the theme "Curiosity", both celebrating the driving force behind chemistry (as well as other sciences), as well as marking the 100th anniversary of the Chemistry Nobel Prize of Mme. Curie.

With lectures in a wide range of topics involving chemistry and chemical research, from both foreign and Dutch speakers, this year's PAC Symposium, in the International Year of Chemistry, will appeal to a broad range of chemistry students, PhD-students and other interested parties.

Topic: symposium, seminars, chemistry Audience: students, graduate students, undergraduate students


Dileep Sathe | Dec 02, 2010 03:55PM

I would like to discuss some very basic problems in learning Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom. This importnat to both physics and chemistry. For details, see my "activity" on this site, dated 19th November 2010.

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Mar 03, 2011 PAC Symposium