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Toolkits for National Chemistry Weeks

Activity by Mustafa Sozbilir   |   added on Jul 02, 2010   |   Turkey Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education

This activity aims at developing toolkits for national chemistry days and weeks during IYC 2011 and to raise awareness of the importance of chemistry as the central science by highlighting the applications of chemistry in daily life.

IYC will provide a unique opportunity for focus to be made globally on the role that chemistry plays in society and impact it has on our lives. Such a universal focus on its impact cannot but help give chemistry a more positive image.

 The project will essentially fulfill the following two objectives:

  • To collect information about the planned activities for IYC2011 from countries which already have established national chemistry days or weeks.
  • To develop toolkits to facilitate the widespread celebration of national chemistry days or weeks around the world, particularly in countries that do not have a strong tradition to date of doing so. 

In carrying out this project, we hope that 2011 may be the beginning of on-going celebrations of the importance of chemistry in some new countries around the world.

This group is collecting information about the planned activities for IYC2011, especially from countries having a strong tradition in celebrating chemistry at national level. Activities will then be selected from the collected data to develop toolkits that can be used and/or adapted on international, national, and local levels for celebrating chemistry. The group will then facilitate the sharing of those ideas with other nations, especially those that do not have already established national chemistry day/s or weeks, and that desire guidance for the celebration of chemistry days or weeks during IYC.

In coordination with the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE), this group is planning to help pair some of those latter nations with more developed ones in order to assist in organizing activities that are suitable for their culture, education, and chemical industry.

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Topic: hands-on activities, science fair, celebrating chemistry Audience: educators, professors
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