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Mediaplanet Business of Chemistry Publication

Activity by Sara Quigley   |   added on Jan 20, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


In honor of The Year of Chemistry, Mediaplanet will be publishing an 8-16 page section titled “The Business of Chemistry” to be distributed within the Washington Post newspaper in Washington, DC on March 30th.

Mediaplanet is an independent publishing company where we partner with major newspapers to distribute focused sections for distribution within these newspapers, on a given industry in order to promote awareness and inspire activism.

In celebration of the International Year of Chemistry, Mediaplanet published Business of Chemistry, an eight-page section which was distributed within The Washington Post on March 30th. The section was published with the help of the L’Oreal Foundation, The Dow Chemical Company, BASF, Syngenta, IUPAC, and Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.

Through this publication we aim to inspire consumers to recognize the numerous ways chemistry is involved in their daily lives, and the efforts being made by the industry to address global challenges. Business of Chemistry is published with the goal to:

  • ·         Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry in meeting world needs
  • ·         Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
  • ·         Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
  • ·         Celebrate the role of women in chemistry

Topic: celebrating chemistry, educational materials, chemistry education Audience: students, professionals, general public, educators, universities, women, school children, school and college students, consumers
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