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IYC2011: Captivating Chemistry

Activity by Emily Perry   |   added on Jan 19, 2011   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo


A workshop for KS2 and KS3 teachers to collaboratively develop classroom activities to inspire and enthuse their pupils in IYC2011

The goals of IYC2011 are to increase the public appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs, to encourage interest in chemistry among young people, and to generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry.

To support teachers in meeting these goals, the Science Learning Centre Yorkshire and the Humber, supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry, has developed an innovative collaborative project.

In the first phase of the project, we will be holding a workshop in which teachers can work together, supported by chemistry experts from the Science Learning Centre Yorkshire and the Humber and the Royal Society of Chemistry, to develop innovative and engaging classroom chemistry activities.

Teachers who attend the workshop will be further supported in later phases of the project to showcase the activities in their schools, gain wider involvement in IYC2011 and teach chemistry regionally and nationally.

Classroom activities developed during the workshop will be shared with other teachers via the Science Learning Centre network’s online hub.

Topic: educational materials, classroom activity, chemistry education, networking, resources Audience: teachers, secondary schools, primary schools, educators, educational institutions, schools
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