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3rd French Brazilian Meeting on Polymers - FBPOL2011

Activity by Edson Minatti   |   added on Jan 10, 2011   |   Brazil Official_iyc_logo


A place where group-leaders researchers from France and from Brazil gather together to present their work, estabilish collaborations and offer to Brazilian students a chance to get envolved in the French-Brazilian network of Polymer Science. The goal of this MEETING is to foster collaborations between both countries (France a

After the success of the FBPOL2005 and of the FBPOL2008, which both had lead to fruitful exchanges and collaborations between France and Brazil, we are pursuing our effort in organizing the FBPOL2011. 

This 3rd "French-Brazilian-Polymer" FBPOL2008 Conference is jointly organized by the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)-Florianopolis and the CENTRE DE RECHERCHE SUR LES MACROMOLECULES VEGETALES (CERMAV, Grenoble) under the auspice of CNPq, CAPES, CNRS and GFP and will be held in “Jurerê Beach Village, Jurerê Internacional Florianopolis, SC, Brazil” on 25-29th of April 2011. The goal of this conference is to bring together scientists and engineers from universities, industries and government institutions to exchange views on the latest developments, uses and applications of polymeric systems.

Natural products used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, packaging, electronics as well as paints, coatings, - these are just a few examples of areas which are benefiting from rapid developments in materials science, and especially the growing ability to synthesize controlled Natural product architectures. That is the building of controlled nanostructures, tailoring oligo and polysaccharide architectures, and using smart formulation and processing strategies, to achieve desired biomaterial properties.

The Conference will provide the Brazilian and French polymer communities with an opportunity to meet and discuss the mission and challenges of Natural products and technology in the 21st century. To cultivate interdisciplinary activities, close interaction is needed between scientists and technologists with different areas of expertise in both countries. In the coming years, the emphasis of Natural products research will shift more towards collaborative, interdisciplinary projects and international partnerships will become more important. Several outstanding scientists from the fields of Natural products (molecules and macromolecules) on physics and chemistry and related areas have been invited to the conference.

This conference will cover a broad range of topics in the area of Natural products including polymer physics and chemistry. A molecular and macromolecular approach to nanobioscience will be one of the main topics of the 2011 meeting. The conference will consist of main lectures, contributed lectures, poster sessions and exhibitions.

Brazilian and French students from both countries (MASTER and Phd) are particularly invited to participate (POSTER) to this conference where they can meet and discuss possibilities to bridge the Brazilian-French collaborations. Mechanisms for more efficient collaborations between Brazilian and French Universities will be pursued as part of the mission of the conference. Other topics of important significance, such as polymer education, will also fall within the scope of the meeting. You are most welcome to join us.

Organized by
R. Borsali (Director of CERMAV, UPR 5301 CNRS-Grenoble, France)
V. Soldi (University of FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil)


Topic: polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, colloids, physical chemistry, materials, macromolecules Audience: graduate students, research scientists, educational institutions, group leaders
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Apr 25 - Apr 29, 2011 FBPOL2011