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Australian National Chemistry Quiz

Activity by Vicki Gardiner   |   added on May 22, 2010   |   Australia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc.

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz is truly and international activity, currently held in 15 countries and 7 languages. The quiz The Quiz has four age groups – Years 7-8 (middle high school), Years 9-10 (middle high school), Year 11 and Year 12 (senior high school).

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ) is an annual event held in Australia and fourteen neighbouring countries since 1984. It has been endorsed by IUPAC as an International unifying event during the International year of Chemistry.  The aim of the Quiz is "Science for everybody" which is a national aim for science education. The Quiz is arranged in four age groupings for years 7-8 (lower High School), years 9-10 (middle High School), year 11 (lower Senior year), and year 12 (final Senior year). The Quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions answered over one hour on a multiple choice answer sheet, which will be supplied from Australia and computer marked in Australia. The Analysis of school results, reports, certificates, and plaques will be sent to participating schools.


The ANCQ is a unique chemical education tool that provides teachers with a countrywide/statewide and a schoolwide benchmark of the student's knowledge of chemistry. The Quiz papers contain novel and interesting questions that cover the diverse application of chemistry to life. Due to the widely varying cultures and difference in courses there is no inter-country competition. The Quiz papers will go to students in various educational environments and therefore there are minimum assumptions made about existing student knowledge. The questions have essential information built into the stem of the question so that it is the student's reasoning that is challenged. The Quiz arouses the curiosity of young minds, and students enjoy the challenge presented by the quiz.


The date of the Quiz has been set as the 28th July 2011.  Alternative dates can be negotiated with the Quiz Director, Charles Fogliani.


Further information is available by visiting the ANCQ website:  Expressions of interest to participate should be directed to Charles Fogliani at

Topic: competition Audience: teachers, students, secondary schools


Brijesh Pare | Jun 30, 2010 01:15AM

The Australian National Chemistry Quiz is an extremly popular event on account of the quality of the questions. Students of class 7th to 12th relish doing this event. The questions are not just meant to test the knowledge but impart effectively the useful informations regarding science in general and chemistry in particular.

Kudos goes to Professor Charles Fogliani and his wife Ms Maria for its  smooth conduction annually in more than 15 countires. I wish during IYC -2011 this event  should take place in many more countries  which so far have not  tasted its favour.

Dr.Brijesh Pare

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