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Chemistry demonstrations

Activity by Mardochée Réveil   |   added on Jan 05, 2011   |   Haiti Official_iyc_logo


Chemistry demonstrations will be performed for a ten thousand secondary school students in Port-au-Prince to let them have a better understanding of this science.

This activity consist in visiting one hundred schools in the metropolitan area (Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Carrefour, Petion-Ville and Carrefour) during the begining of the next academic year (September to November 2011) in order to perform chemistry demonstrations and explain to the secondary school students the importance of chemistry all around the world and also its importance for Haiti. 

The demonstrations will be like magic tricks and will be followed by appropriate explanations. Around 10 000 secondary school students will participate in this activity and will better understand what chemistry is and how it can help Haiti to be developped.

Topic: demonstrations, conferences, celebrating chemistry Audience: secondary school students
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