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La ciudad atómica

Activity by Ai Quch   |   added on Jan 06, 2011   |   Chile Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Universidad de Chile, Centro de Estudiantes de Química.

Blog is a popularization of science in Spanish, every day of 2011 will have the characteristics and peculiarities of a molecule. This project is made by undergraduate students of Chilean Universities.

The Atomic City is a place to discover and know the molecules of your reality. These are everywhere: in your sleep, eat, walk, whenyou go to the bathroom, when you're in a bar with friends andwhen you're in the kitchen. Is in your clothes, your skin and evenare those that allow you to read this.

All this because 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. Thisblog, written and produced by students at the University of Chile tothe world who we are part of this great year that seeks to expandthe knowledge of chemistry among young people, highlighting therole of women in science and discover that chemical (andmolecules) are key to the future of humanity. Follow us onfacebook and twitter, participate in comments and questions. We are here to learn together.

Topic: blogs, social media, celebrating chemistry, molecules, networking, website, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, science café, future challenges, marathon Audience: students, professional chemists, latinamerica, explain, regional, teachers, universities, international, iyc enthusiasts, post, scientists, general public, global, highschool students


Josefina Morales | Feb 05, 2011 12:43AM

Muy interesante mis amigos chilenos, sigan adelante, que interesante actividad.

Violeta Morales

Rep Dominicana

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