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La Química: Ayer y Hoy

Activity by Martin andres Perez comisso   |   added on Jan 06, 2011   |   Chile Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Universidad de Chile

Is a General Education course (any student can take it) which will tour the major milestones of chemistry at the time, the world and society. There will be a strong emphasis to compose the relationship between the everyday and the chemical for which values the learning of our beloved science.

Chemistry is related to the complex equations, an arbitrary scaleand highly characteristic markings, but also a science with so much history as our nation. Story of how man has developed the material in their environment and how to understand the change.Two concepts: the material and change have evolved related tothe ideas of reaction, atom, energy through the rigorous work ofvery different character from the beginning of civilization until today, as the creative work of philosophers, alchemists and laterchemicals; Also, they boldly raised the most diverse models andideas of how our universe is structured and in the depths of itsessence material.

This course explores how the thought of matter and change haveevolved over time, appreciating and understanding the ideas andexperiments leading thinkers have been momentous in ourcontemporary lifestyle. And like in our daily life imperceptibly useand apply the discoveries of chemistry that will be felt through thecritical analysis of historical processes, showing how thechemical is present both yesterday and today ..

Topic: conferences, educational materials, history Audience: students, general public, universities, decision makers, tertiary education, undergraduates students, chemists, chile
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