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IYC Closing Event

Activity by Paul Baekelmans   |   added on Jan 25, 2010   |   Belgium Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): BASF, DOW, DuPont, GSK, Janssen Pharmaceutica, UCB, CEFIC, SOLVAY

The IYC - a year-long celebration initiated by IUPAC and UNESCO - will culminate with a unique closing event in Brussels, Belgium marking the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize Award to Marie Curie and the 100th anniversary of the most significant scientific meetings of all times, the Solvay Conferences.

It was in 1911 that Ernest Solvay laid the cornerstone of modern science by gathering preminent scientists for a new type of scientific dialogue. All the participants could express themselves to open a scientific dialogue that would accelerate scientific progress. His vision included the establishement of the International Institute of Physics, which a year later was followed by an International Institute of Chemistry. Also in 1911 he supported the creation of IACS which will later develop into IUPAC.
Under the patronage of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry the celebration will blend the past and present, academic, and industrial, social and political to celebrate and echo the motto of the IYC: Chemistry - our life, our future.
After an opening adress by his Royal Highness, Prins Philip of Belgium and a recap by IUPAC President, Professor Nicole Moreau, of the main exhilarating events of the IYC in the world, a team of young people/scientists will open a debate and introduce their expectations from the lifesciences and chemistry, industry and governements to build a better world in 2050.
Eminent players from academia will share their views how chemists and chemistry are the "solutions providers" to the major challenges facing mankind, and a round table composed of scientists, politicians, CEOs from the Industry and NGO will build on and debate interventions. The closing event will also emphasize how important chemistry is for the economy and the society throughout the world.
A gathering will take place at the Hotel Metropole, site of the famous first Solvay Conference where Marie Curie and other famous scientists -eleven of them will be Nobel laureates- met in 1911.
The event has already attracted the sponsorship of BASF, DOW, DuPont, GSK, Janssen Pharmaceutica, UCB, CEFIC and SOLVAY.

More details about the closing event will be made available in March 2010.

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Paul Baekelmans
Belgium National Committee for Chemistry
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