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The universe, the world, us = Chemistry

Activity by Patricia Carabelli   |   added on Jan 04, 2011   |   Uruguay Official_iyc_logo


As an year round primary school project we will get engaged in learning about the universe, the world, us from a chemical point of view. This should allow primary school students to reflect about notions regarding diversity and whole

Place: Saint George´s School, Montevideo, Uruguay

Number of participants: 200 children from primary school (First grade - Sixth grade)

When: Throughout the school year (March- December)

What:  During Science classes we will develop different activities for children, from a humanistic and ecological approach, trying to understand the existance of chemisty in our lives.  We will:

- Reflect critically about science and problems encountered emphasizing the importance of human cooperation and safety.

-  Observ and reflect about differente characteristics regarding water in order to understand its importance, composition and solute and solvent notions

-  Observe and reflect about different characteristics of the air

- Carry out and discuss activities regarding cooking (for example by baking bread with and without yeast)

- Study the human body and some of the chemical reactions that take place in it (for example when breathing)

- Study the universe and chemical components in different planets/ understanding ways of knowing the existing chemical components in them

- Learn about the Sun, its chemical gases and solar energy.

- Work with measuring magnitudes

- Invite different people to give talks and demonstrations

- Study the biography of important scientists devoting special time to Marie Curie's, reflecting about the uses of radioactivity, effects and safety issues

Topic: chemistry education, hands-on activities, analytical chemistry, demonstrations, science fair Audience: students, educators, teachers, educational institutions, secondary schools, secondary school students, school children, high schools, secondary schools students
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