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Activity by Hardik Bhanushali   |   added on Dec 11, 2010   |   India Official_iyc_logo


It is a technical festival with chemistry at its heart. Here we have events based on chemistry where young minds come and compete. We also have lecture series to eradicate ignorance of people for chemistry. With sustainable INNOVATION as a theme, we try to extract participants creativity on chemistry related topics.

EXERGY-2011 is the TECHNICAL FESTIVAL of INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY (formerly UDCT). It will be conducted from 13th January - 16th January in our institute campus in MATUNGA, MUMBAI.


Exergy is a dynamic celebration of interdisciplinary prowess. Being born out of the merging of past technical festivals, it has a holistic approach. Bigger and better than ever before, Exergy is a platform to channel technical intellect. Last year’s Exergy demonstrated the fact that the Institute of Chemical Technology has always been enterprising and mindful of the environmental impact of its actions. It has always been associated with the most relevant research in the areas of green technologies and industrial sustainability.

            Now with Exergy 2011, ICT aims to provide a platform for undergraduate students all over the country to exercise their technical and entrepreneurial prowess to come up with smart and innovative solutions to problems faced in the industry. We invite students to a platform where they can do things as they see them. We aspire to make students “think different”, so that their ideas defy conventions and sparkle in the technical limelight; so that people are moved to exclaim “He is the one who thought the unthought-of!”

Apart from this we also have a whole set of lecture series wherein the participants will get an unique opportunity to hear to people who have exceled in various fields related to chemistry such as GREEN CHEMISTRY, SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL PROCESSES, INNOVATION IN CHEMICAL WORLD etc...

We heartly welcome one and all to come and experience the chemical world running live for 4 continuous days.

Topic: conferences, seminars, educational materials, chemistry, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry, competition, analytical chemistry, website Audience: students, professors, educators, general public, universities, post graduate students, teachers, tertiary education, educational institutions, secondary school students
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Jan 13 - Jan 16, 2011 EXERGY-2011