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Observing, Measuring, and Understanding - Advanced Analytical Technologies Open a New World

Activity by Hideyuki Ishida   |   added on Mar 05, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

Synposium on advanced analytical technologies presented by the most active and famous scientists who are leading the development of worldwide advanced analytical technologies in Japan.

Date: May 20 in 2011,  pm 13:30-17:30

Place: Main Hall of Science Council of Japan

Symposium Program:

1.    Opening address   by Dr.Y.Nihei

2.    Mass spectrometry contributes to medical treatment and drug discovery

By Dr. K.Tanaka (Shimadzu Co.)

3.    Quantum world observed by electron wave

By Dr.A.Tonomura (Hitachi Ltd.)

4.    Observing DNA by single molecule measurement

By Prof.T.Kawai (Osaka University)

5.    Analysis of space materials brought back by Hayabusa using advanced analytical techhniques

By Prof.N.Yurimot (Hokkaido University)

6.    Closing remarks  by Dr.T.Sawada

Participants: more than 300

Topic: seminar, analytical chemistry Audience: students, industrial chemists, general public, professional chemists
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