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ReferEEIng QLD chemistry

Activity by Daniel Bischa   |   added on Nov 20, 2010   |   Australia Official_iyc_logo


A project to showcase Queensland (QLD) senior chemistry students' Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI's) in a refereed online journal. Teachers of chemistry in QLD will be able to use the journal as an exemplar to show their class exceptional EEI reports. High school students will develop links with practicing chemists.

Senior high school chemistry students in Queensland produce Extended Experimental Investigations (EEI’s) as part of their assessment in Chemistry. An EEI requires students to investigate a practical research question or test a hypothesis. The time and effort required to complete an EEI to a very high standard is considerable. Schools can spend between 4 weeks to an entire term conducting EEI’s in chemistry.

This project seeks to collate the best student EEI’s and showcase them in the form of a refereed annual journal – Journal of QLD Schools Chemistry EEI’s. Students across the state from public and private schools will be invited to submit their reports to the journal, with a limited number of reports accepted each year. Upon acceptance the student will enter a peer-reviewing stage with a practicing chemistry professional from industry or a tertiary institution. The most outstanding entries will be considered for an award and prize money. Judging of the students’ reports will be performed by a panel of impartial judges. Online editions of the journal will be available for (and restricted to) teachers of chemistry to use as an exemplar in their class, to assist in the scaffolding and management of their student’s EEI’s.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, networking, educational materials, competition, publications Audience: educational institutions, teachers, professional chemists, educators, research scientists, secondary school students


Adele Schmidt | Jan 22, 2011 04:45AM

Hi Daniel - Can you keep me informed on this as it progresses please?  I would love my students to be part of this:  e-mail is

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