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Activity by Youichi Tozawa   |   added on Nov 19, 2010   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan Japan Management Association Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The INCHEM TOKYO aims to promote chemistry, its related industries, and active international exchange as well as to contribute to the development of industry and improvement of scientific culture.

The INCHEM TOKYO has been held every other year since 1966,and 28th in 2011. It has been highly regarded both inside and outside Japan as the greatest event in Asia for the chemical industry.

The main theme of the INCHEM TOKYO 2011 is “Aim at Green-innovation” and consists of industrial trade fair and seminar.

Industrial trade fair consists of 5 zones, “smart engineering”, ”green production”, “innovational products”, “water innovation” and “regeneration“   renewable & saving energy”

Seminar consists of plenary lectures and short lectures of new technological topics from universities and industrial companies.

Schedule ; 2011.11.16 ~ 2011.11.18






Topic: industrial trade fair, seminars Audience: chemical engineers, professional chemists, industrial chemists, research chemists, professors, students, universities
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