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global warming

Activity by sharare masoumi   |   added on Sep 25, 2010   |   Iran, Islamic Republic Of Official_iyc_logo

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a work shop about global warming for chemistry teachers. in this workshop we can talk about global warming and concepts as :green house effect,carboon foot print,everyone,s role in global warming and so on.this workshop will goon with facilatory method and it,s output will that teachers can spead these cosepts through society

workshop about global warming for teachers  that will manage by facilatory this workshop we will introduce concepts as:climate change,global warming,carbon foot print and how we can compute carboon foot print,relation between climate change and disasters that occure in world and these effect on poor societies and so on .this will be a 1 day workshop by this sections from 10am to 5pm in 27 january 2011 in shahriar

1-introduce the presence people to each other    

2-detemine the workshop rules by together

3-formation the groups for team work

4-pay to concepts one by one ,in the first section we can pay to global warming,climate change,carbon foot print and compute it and every one roles in this process

5-time for lunch and resting

6-in the second section one person in each group can explain their work

7-we will reach to a conclution with together for what we can do

Topic: workshop Audience: educators


Sadegh Jebelli | Dec 24, 2010 10:03AM

ممنون از فعالیت شما :)

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