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Books, journal articles, and web resources in celebration of chemistry

Activity by Ellen Nichols   |   added on Sep 14, 2010   |   International Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): John Wiley & Sons

Through commemorative books (including Letters to a Young Chemist and European Women in Chemistry), journals, and online content, John Wiley and Sons celebrates and supports the past, the future, and the people of chemistry, from students to professionals.

Through its scientific, professional, and higher education divisions Wiley has planned a number of activities and special publications to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. 

Throughout the year, Wiley has planned publications of special books in support of the IYC goals.  These include Letters to a Young Chemist (Ghosh), and Chemie des lebends (Schwedt), to encourage young people in chemistry; European Women in Chemistry, co sponsored by the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Science; a number of titles to support public appreciation and understanding of chemistry including Energy for a Sustainable World (Amaroli), Nicolaou’s Classics in Total Synthesis III, Chemie über den Wolken (Zellner), Chemie vom Erdinneren (Schwedt), Obskure Objeckte der Wissbegierde (Gross), and Reise zum Urspurng (Al-Shavery); and books generating enthusiasm for the future of chemistry – The Chemical Element:  Chemistry’s Contribution to our Global Future (Garcia-Martinez), The Evolution of Drug Discovery (Ravina), and Chemistry in Space (Rehder); Nicolaou’s Classics in Total Synthesis III and Ullman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. 

All of our chemistry journals, including Angewandte Chemie and the publications of the ChemPub Soc Europe,  plan special issues and editorials throughout the year to highlight the future of chemistry, celebrate the role of women in chemistry, and celebrate major historical events in chemistry. 

Our website Chemistry Views ( will include a special IYC section where we will host webinars, special news and features.  Every month Wiley will celebrate a chemical milestone or hot topic, offering relevant content from our publishing program to the community at large, to encourage appreciation of chemistry.   We will feature leading chemist’s advice to young people about why they should study chemistry; pursue a chemical education, and through our Higher Education division, we will be sponsoring a student video contest. 

Additional activities include the use of sustainable materials in the bags we give away at scientific conferences; we will work with to create special campaigns highlighting Wiley chemistry textbooks, general interest books in chemistry, and historical titles; and on our Facebook (Chemistry_by_Wiley) and Twitter (Wiley_Twitter) sites we will run a monthly contest for students to test their knowledge of historical chemical events and engage the interest of young people in chemistry.

We will promote the goals of the International Year of Chemistry by including the IYC logo in this broad range of activities. 

Topic: women in chemistry, chemistry education, sustainable and green chemistry, chemistry in space, pharmaceutical chemistry, web resources, publications Audience: professional chemists, students, educators, general public, teachers, graduate students
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