International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Iraq 13 Contacts
Interested in representing this country? Contact IYC at:
  • mr Hussam al-khafaje
    Bachelor of Science Chemistry
    Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq

  • Azad Akbar
    Student & Editer, University
    Sulaymaniyah, As Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Iraq
    Primary or Secondary Education


  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Awady
    Lecturer, Babylon University,College of Veterinary Medicine ,Chemistry Department
    Babil, Iraq
    Tertiary Education


  • Hamid ghaffoori Al-khafaji
    Prof. Dr of biochemistry, Baghdad Univ., College Ibn Al-Haitham, Baghdad, IRAQ.
    Baghdad, Iraq


  • Sundus Al-khazraji
    lecturer, College of Pharmacy/Al-Mustansiriya University
    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Einas Al-nasir

    Basra, Iraq
    Research Laboratories

  • dr Azad Barzinji
    ass.proff., salahadin university-chemistry dept.
    Arbil, Iraq
    Tertiary Education

    00964 750 447 1496

  • robber Robber Gh
    mr, University
    Bara, Iraq
    Primary or Secondary Education


  • Ali sami Ismail
    Dr, إUniversity of Anbar
    Ramadi, Iraq

  • Dr Ahmed Salih
    Dr, Alkindy College of Medicine
    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Salah Shakir
    professor, basrah university
    Basra, Iraq


  • Linh Shamil
    head, ministry of health
    7, Iraq
    Research Laboratories